Pandemic Painting #49

Okey dokey – Pandemic Painting #49 is here, just waiting around to see if there’s any action today.

This is a recreation of a painting I did c. 1976. I used a photo from a magazine and from the girl’s posture you can either presume or assume (shout out to my lovely bride Cheryl) that this girl is a prostitute. But, I was taken by the pose so I did the painting.

Here’s a story about that first painting. When I did art fairs back in the 70’s, I had the original of this on display. Fellow comes along and looks over my stuff and really likes this girl in green shorts. “That’s a great painting! I’m going to go look at the rest of the fair and come back and buy this!” Well, I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck, so I verbally thanked him and mentally thought: “heard that one before, pal.’
Five minutes later, another fellow comes along, says, “I love this – here, take my money!” and goes off happy as a clam with a Cavalier original. First guy comes back: “Where’s my painting?!” Sorry, bub – the time to buy it is when you see it. (I wanted to say Money Talks and B******* Walks”, but as I was flush with money, I decided not to.)

This 2020 version is 7.125″ x 12″, done with Winsor & Newton watercolor on 140# Strathmore cold press paper.

Stay safe, y’all – and when you see it, buy it.

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