Pandemic Painting #50

Pandemic Painting #50!
Wow, half a hundred watercolors since the middle of March, along with 31 ink drawings. I’ve also done a number (12-15?) cartoons for Knights of the Dinner Table and worked on inking comic books, which is currently ongoing. The life of a *literal* Artist-in-Residence is good. Although I still know I’m pretty lazy…

This dunes scene comes to us compliments of a photo by my artist friend Laura Krentz. I had fun with graduated washes and wishy-washy dunes areas along with some little detail, so it was the best of watercolor worlds. Some of the tiny tree branches were done with flick of a graphite pencil. And yes, the lake (in the photo) really was that blue!

Done with my good ol’ Winsor & Newton watercolors on 300# Arches hot press paper. 9.612″ x 12.38″.

Onward to 100! Everyone hang tough

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