Pandemic Painting #51

Hope everyone had a decent Thanksgiving. Part of my day was spent working on this here Pandemic Painting #51. Certainly, this is one of the more Andrew Wyeth-like paintings I’ve done. My reference was an old building complex I found on one of my photo-wanderings. Several paintings will come out of that trip.This one started as a detailed pencil drawing. I found that graphite lends itself quite well to old grey barn siding. I left the original pencil on the paper, watercolored over the top and then came back with a few more pencil touches.While I love my wood-clinched pencils, I do a lot of pencil drawing with a Pentel .07 mechanical job that I have had for over 30 years. It’s loaded with 2B refill leads, which is the softest I can get for a mechanical pencil.So Pandemic 51 is done with 2B graphite and Winsor & Newton watercolors on 300# Arches hot press paper and clocks in at 7.25″ x 12.75″.Stay safe everyone – we’ll get through this.

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